Have you ever dreamt of what your life would look like if YOU were in charge of your finances, health, and schedule?

Well, we have and it's pretty awesome!

What can we help you take charge of today?

Nice to meet you!


We are Nikol & Vanessa.

Sisters who have been taking charge of our lives little by little and we are here to help you do the same! 

We have learned you need three very important tools with you on this journey to make it work.

Bravery, grace and laughter.


BRAVERY can be:

  • When you STOP settling.
  • SMALL steps. Just one single foot in front of another.
  • DOING something new.
  • GETTING BACK UP after you fall.


  • LOVING YOURSELF through the mess.
  • Remembering that NOT being perfect is the only option
  • Undeserved FORGIVENESS
  • OFFERING gentleness and undeserved forgiveness in every situation you would want it applied to you


  • CHOOSING happy
  • SEEING the joy and silliness in situations
  • NOT taking yourself too seriously
  • Using JOY to lift others up