12 Endocrine Disruptors to Avoid

I have to admit, I used to roll my eyes at articles with headlines like this. I grew up with no allergies. No health issues. I didn't get it. I didn't understand that the tiny exposures add up over time and wreck havoc on your system.

Sadly, it took me getting severely sick to start paying attention.

I was also learning about things like toxins and endocrine disruptors through a new filter. The filter of a mom. Not only was I devastated that at barely 40 I was living the life of someone at the end of theirs, I was terrified of my children's future.  

For me, lists like these made it seem so overwhelming! Between what you can eat, and controlling the toxins that are surrounding me, it just seemed insane! I then felt sad that companies didn't seem to be looking out for the consumer, they were just looking out for their bottom line. So I started to look around for those companies doing good.

Of course, I didn't have to look very far with our own company. They operate at the highest standards that I can imagine and their products and support have helped me get my life back.

I then looked to skin care since make-up is something I use almost every day. That is how I found Andrea Price-Johnson and became fast friends with her. A girl on the same mission as ours partnering with a company dedicated to safe skin care. Not because they are mandated by laws, but because they know it is the right thing to do. Click here to learn more about Beauty Counter.  

12 Endocrine Disruptors to Avoid.png

My next step was our water supply. While we do have much better drinking water than some third-world countries, we do have harmful chemicals and bi-products in our water supply.

I chose this water filter to start with. The Adya Classic Water Filter


My goal is a whole house filtration system. One day!

In my searching, I realized that I don't "have" to change everything at one time. I can just make one simple change at a time. So I printed the list provided by EWG and refer to it when I am shopping for new items or have time to tackle a new area to make safe. You can also bookmark it on your phone! For instance, when we needed new pans, I chose to purchase ceramic. It's a step in the right direction without going broke or losing your mind trying to change everything all at once.

click below to Check out the article over at EWG

and grab a printout for yourself!


12 Hormone-Altering Chemicals and How to Avoid Them


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