Easy and Free Ways to Raise Money for your Favorite Charity!

It's January! The streets (and internet) are a buzz with resolutions, power words goals and fitness! We are looking at how we can take better care of ourselves as well as others. That normally takes time or money. Both are resources that seem to be tight after a long holiday season. So how do you help the charities that are so near and dear to your heart? There are so many great causes out there, but we are often limited to helping one or two. Well, that is no longer the case! Two apps are here to help you give while you are doing other activities.

They are helping you multiply your time and that is a good thing!

Easy and Free Ways to Raise Money for your Favorite Charity - Charity Miles and Donate a Photo 1.png

Here at THLP we are all about simplifying and multiplying our efforts. Enter the Charity Miles and Donate a Photo apps! Each app allows you to support a charity of your choosing while already doing something that you normally do! Exercising and taking pictures! 

How do they work?

Charity Miles


  1. Download the app
  2. Create a profile
  3. Choose the Healthy Living Revolution Team
  4. Start raising money while you get fit!
  5. Feel great that you did something for you and someone else!

Large corporations, register as sponsors. You choose the charity and a corporation is assigned to sponsor your activity. There are ads that will pop up, but I just put my phone in my water bottle holder and I am on my way! 

Listed below are just a few of the charities that can benefit from your exercise!

Girls On The Run
– Empowering girls through running

Special Olympics
– Empower athletes with intellectual disabilities

Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America
– Cure Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis

She’s the First
– Educate girls in low-income countries

– Provide shoes to fight poverty worldwide

Nothing But Nets
– Provide anti-malaria bednets

Back On My Feet
– Empower people experiencing homelessness

The Ironman Foundation
– Get kids active

Foundation of the NSNA
– Support our future nurses

The Michael J. Fox Foundation
– Cure Parkinson’s Disease

Autism Speaks
– Support Autism research

World Wildlife Fund
– Protect nature and wildlife

Stand Up To Cancer
– Fund cancer research

– Protect Animals

Alzheimer’s Association
– Support Alzheimer’s research

– Support our service members

Team Red, White & Blue
– Enrich the lives of American veterans

Feeding America
– Fight hunger in America

ALS Association
– Fighting to treat and cure ALS

Habitat for Humanity
– Provide housing to people worldwide

National Multiple Sclerosis Society
– Move towards a world free of MS

Wounded Warrior Project
– Honor and empower wounded warriors

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
– Cure and treat childhood cancer

Charity: Water
– Provide clean and safe drinking water

National Park Foundation
– Protect our National parks

Our friends at Healthy Living Revolution, created a Charity Miles team and we have been having a great time being part of it and raising money while we get fit!

At the time of this post

our team has logged over 40,000 miles for charity!

Donate a Photo

  1. Download the app
  2. Create a profile
  3. Take a photo and share!
  4. Set the reminders for you to take a picture every day
  5. Feel great about your good deed!

It seems that Donate a Photo has a few different types of campaigns. Campaigns that help an unlimited amount of people, campaigns that will help a maximum number of people (you can tell by the __ of __ helped counter on the campaign, and inactive campaigns that we closed once the commitment was made. They layout their campaigns in categories and completed.

The categories are: 

  • Women's and Children's Health
  • Healthy Families
  • Health Workforce
  • Environmental Health
  • Global Disease Challenges
  • Essential Surgery
  • Education and Equality
  • Emergency Relief

If you join either app to start raising money, tag us on your social media shares or use the #thehealthylifeproject so we can celebrate you! 

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How To Pick Your Word For The Year

I love new beginnings!

A new adventure energizes me and gets me excited for life. I get giddy just thinking about the possibility of a new beginning. What makes me even more excited than the actual new beginning is preparing for it! The week between Christmas and New Year’s is my JAM! I love all that it is. For me, it is the reflection of time past and the dreams of the future that gets me giddy.


A fresh start. Unlimited possibilities. #swoon

It is time to pick a word for the year!

I have a system that I go through and I thought I would share it with you incase you are not sure how people decide on their word/action, or you have chosen one that didn’t work well and you would like to “get it right” this year.

I have created a handy dandy printable for you so you can cozy up on the couch with your comfy socks, your favorite pen and a cup of something warm and delicious while you go through the exercise.

How To Pick Your Word Workbook

250 cover image  how to pick your word  workbook

Download this workbook and set yourself up for success for the upcoming year or as a reset at any time!!

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Steps to choosing your word or action for the year.

What do you want to focus on?

Are you looking for something to weave in every part of your life or are you considering something specific like your finances?

Why do you want to choose this action?

Is this something your friend is doing and you thought it would be great for you? Or did you hear about it on a news report and it sounds glamorous?

Does this have a positive feeling?

Negative feelings from the past aren't necessarily a bad thing if they fuel you to make positive changes. But losing weight because you have always hated your thighs may not be the positive motivation you will need to uphold the action needed.

How could this action affect your life?

Will you be changing jobs? How does that affect your drive time? Will you travel more?

Do you want to read a book a week? Then you will be carving out an hour or so a day to read. Does that mean you have to cut back on the amount of tv you watch?

Are you going to train for a marathon? When will you run? How much do the shoes, gear and race entry cost?

What are the potential positive results?

You will earn more money in a new job and you will be able to start saving for a rainy day or to take a vacation.

You will be able to travel the world through books or learn about an unlimited amount of topics.

You will be more fit, cross off a bucket item and make new friends through your training clubs.

What are the potential negative results?

You may have a longer commute and end up spending your new salary on a new car needed for the commute.

Your friends may spoil the ending if your favorite show.

You may need messages or physical therapy during training. Does your insurance cover this? What would the financial cost be?

Can you incorporate it into all the aspects of your life?

Home, Family, Marriage, Work, Mental, Spiritual & Physical Health

Do you have mental space for this action?

Does it require you to learn something new? Are you starting a new position at work, but want to also learn a new skill?

Do you have space in your calendar for this action?

Will it require time? What will I say “no” to in order to say “yes” to this?

Do you have the physical ability for this action?

Are you 4’11”, but want to be a professional basketball player?

Do you have the money for this action?

If not, where will you get it from?

What will it mean if you do not carry out this action?

Are others affected if you do not do this? 


So tell me! Does your word hold up to the test?

This next part is like a pick your own adventure book.

If it does, congratulations!!!! Continue on and fill in the statement below.

If your word did not hold up to the test, look to see why it didn’t hold up and go through the process with a new word or action.


My word of action for this year is ________. I am excited for it to improve my _______ and I am okay to saying no to ________ in order to support my choice.

Write your statement out in several places (bathroom mirror, your planner, your phone, a sticky note on your computer) to keep it in the forefront of your mind!

I would LOVE to know what your word or action is.

Comment below or post your new statement on social media and tag us! 
Fb: @thehealthylifeprojectblog
IG: @thehealthylifeprojectblog

Wishing you the best year ever!

12 Endocrine Disruptors to Avoid

I have to admit, I used to roll my eyes at articles with headlines like this. I grew up with no allergies. No health issues. I didn't get it. I didn't understand that the tiny exposures add up over time and wreck havoc on your system.

Sadly, it took me getting severely sick to start paying attention.

I was also learning about things like toxins and endocrine disruptors through a new filter. The filter of a mom. Not only was I devastated that at barely 40 I was living the life of someone at the end of theirs, I was terrified of my children's future.  

For me, lists like these made it seem so overwhelming! Between what you can eat, and controlling the toxins that are surrounding me, it just seemed insane! I then felt sad that companies didn't seem to be looking out for the consumer, they were just looking out for their bottom line. So I started to look around for those companies doing good.

Of course, I didn't have to look very far with our own company. They operate at the highest standards that I can imagine and their products and support have helped me get my life back.

I then looked to skin care since make-up is something I use almost every day. That is how I found Andrea Price-Johnson and became fast friends with her. A girl on the same mission as ours partnering with a company dedicated to safe skin care. Not because they are mandated by laws, but because they know it is the right thing to do. Click here to learn more about Beauty Counter.  

12 Endocrine Disruptors to Avoid.png

My next step was our water supply. While we do have much better drinking water than some third-world countries, we do have harmful chemicals and bi-products in our water supply.

I chose this water filter to start with. The Adya Classic Water Filter


My goal is a whole house filtration system. One day!

In my searching, I realized that I don't "have" to change everything at one time. I can just make one simple change at a time. So I printed the list provided by EWG and refer to it when I am shopping for new items or have time to tackle a new area to make safe. You can also bookmark it on your phone! For instance, when we needed new pans, I chose to purchase ceramic. It's a step in the right direction without going broke or losing your mind trying to change everything all at once.

click below to Check out the article over at EWG

and grab a printout for yourself!


12 Hormone-Altering Chemicals and How to Avoid Them


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90 Days with NO Chick-fil-A?!

I want to talk to you about this unfortunate thing that happened to me the other day.

Have you ever been praying and you didn't know you were praying,

and you kind of got caught talking to the big guy,

but you didn't really mean to ask Him the thing?

I'm The Healthy Life Project, because I have an autoimmune disease called Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. I have totally stepped away from the diet that I'm supposed to be eating, and guess what? I have felt the huge ramifications of that.

Number one being brain fog. My energy's down. I can see and feel the inflammation coming back into me. I need to get back on track. So, I was just driving along, thinking to myself, and I said, "Gee, I really need to know what the first step back is." Then, I heard a voice. It was a familiar voice. It was God. We chat a lot. Sometimes I accidentally pray to Him. This day I heard, "No Chick-fil-A for 90 days." Now, for some of you, even the average person that might not be a big deal. 90 days, three months. What do you go? Once or twice a month?

I have gone ... now listen... before I tell you this, you should know that it has snuck back in slowly and then ever so quickly back into my diet where the week that I said, "I've got to know what to do," was after my fourth time going through the drive-through that week! So, it's definitely an issue. Definitely more than the average person. Anyway, that's it. I mean, that's just where we are right now. We, meaning me and my Chick-fil-A issue. So, no Chick-fil-A for 90 days. It was late in the week. I decided, "We're going to start this on Monday." I had one last Chick-fil-A meal. Today is day three of 90.

Nikol is not eating chick-fil-a for 90 days.png

I have not had Chick-fil-A. I accidentally had two bites of a chicken sandwich from a different place. I just naturally ordered it. I was ordering for somebody else, and I just got one for myself, two bites in, realized, "What am I doing?" Handed it to somebody else, asked them to eat it for me if they wanted it, otherwise just chuck it, but there we go. So, no Chick-fil-A for 90 days. When you are eating it two to four times a week, it's just kind of a habit. That is, I feel like, one of the hardest things to change when we're trying to lead a healthier life.

It's just habit. When it's habit, you don't think about it. When you don't think about it and you try to change that habit, you honestly don't remember what the other options are. Now, obviously, this might not be as drastic with the Chick-fil-A, but let me tell you as a busy mom how many times I am stuck out and about and I'm hungry. That is really where this is coming from. Our busy lifestyle, we're out and about all the time. For some reason, I always manage to have snacks and whatnot for the kids, but oops didn't pack anything for myself, and therefore we end up through the line, and we're grabbing something.

Real Food: Alongside with the no Chick-fil-A thing, I am working on adding more real food to my diet.

Micro Nutrients: I'm still on my Juice Plus Trio.

Macro Nutrients: I'm going to be upping my one shake a day to two shakes per day, because I need to get a lot of this yuckiness back out. The toxins and just the buildup ... I mean, this brain fog and the lack of energy that I have and the puffiness. Those are all signs of toxins building up in your system and they need to go, because eighth grade logic on a fuzzy brain is not a good, fun thing to do. We homeschool in case you didn't know. 

Hydration: I'm going to be upping my water. I don't remember to drink water, so I'll be trying to drink seven to eight glasses of water a day.

Recharge / Sleep: Getting more sleep. Now normally, an adult needs seven to eight hours of sleep. I really need about eight to nine, sometimes even 10 hours of sleep. That's hard. When you end the day and you want to have some alone time and just kind of chill, the time really does slip away from you. So, I've set an alarm on my phone for nine o'clock lights out. Hopefully, that will work.

Exercise: I hope to exercise 2-3 days a week. I have a random knee issue that I'm recovering from so that means walking.

Cutting from my plate: I will be re-eliminating gluten. That has definitely been something that has been sneaking in once in a while. I think, "It's just fine. I'll just have a little bite of gluten here and a little bit of gluten there and it won't make a big deal." Not true my friends! Eliminating dairy back out of my diet. No more ice cream at night. Eliminating the caffeine. When the toxins build up in your system, you get that three o'clock slump. That is not actually a normal thing. It is a sign that you have too much junk in your system and you make it through the whole day. So, caffeine has snuck back into my life. It needs to exit right. I don't drink alcohol right now so that is something that will stay away for at least 90 more days. Processed foods ... those are going. Artificial refined sugars, and no eating three hours before I go to bed, which if I stick to the nine o'clock thing will be 6:00 p.m.

Click here to follow me on this journey on Facebook.

No Chick-fil-A for 90 days, which ... I mean, it's sad but true. It's going to be a very hard challenge for me. Among all the other awesome changes that I'm going to be making, the other changes outside of the Chick-fil-A is part of our Shred 10 program. 

It's like a jumpstart, a restart, detox, to flush for your system. It's awesome. I don't understand why I don't eat like that all the time because I feel great and energetic and sharp, like sharp, sharp, sharp, sharp. My mind is so on point when I'm doing this. If you want details, you can just comment or contact me, and I can tell you all about that. We run it for 10 days at the beginning of every month. I'm going to be doing an extended 90 days of this probably with some tweaks, but we'll talk about it after these first 10 days are over.

I would love your support and your encouragement. Feel free to check in with me. See how I'm doing. Because Chick-fil-A and I, we're close, man. Love you, Chick-fil-A... It's going to be rough for these 90 days, but we (you know - Me and Jesus) can do it.

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We have taken the lead from our most trusted sources and put together a simple formula for you to start on your health journey. Depending on where you are, this may seem super easy or completely overwhelming.

Your First 7 Steps to a Healthier Life! The Healthy Life Project


If you have already made some of the changes we suggest. Take an audit at how well you are doing. Since nobody is perfect, you will find room for improvement. Take this opportunity to level-up your health game.

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What is Healthy?

I want to talk to you today about what does healthy mean. For us at The Healthy Life Project,

healthy is kind of a sliding scale.

Healthy might mean something completely different to me than it means to you and that is okay. You might get like a visceral reaction when hearing the word healthy because you remember a certain stereotype or a food that you might have tried.  It is considered healthy, but you didn't think it tasted good. Maybe, you don't want to go to sleep at the right time in order to get enough sleep because you feel like you should stay up and watch TV or mess around on the computer. I get it! Sometimes that is our only time to unwind and do something that we choose. Sometimes you don't want to go out and get your body moving and go for a walk or workout. You would rather just kind of hang out and sit on the couch.

What is Healthy The Healthy Life Project

Healthy means so many different things to so many different people, so we have to look at where you are on the health path and what healthy can mean to you. Healthy could mean walking for 20 minutes a day. It could mean getting more sleep. It could mean that you will increase your water intake. It may even mean eating better.

But what does "eating better" mean?  Are you going to start eating from the produce section of the grocery store? It may mean that you will start to cook at home more often and not go out to eat at restaurants as many times as you do right now.

Healthy may even relate to your relationships and have nothing to do with food or nutrition. It could mean getting out of an abusive or toxic relationship with some of your friends. It's fascinating to realize that "healthy" relates to every aspect of your life.

At The Healthy Life Project, we want to work on all of those different areas one step at a time so it doesn't overwhelm you. Because we've been there. We've been overwhelmed.

We are information junkies. We love taking in information, we love learning about things. But guess what? That can lead to overwhelm. It can lead to burnout. It can lead to trying too many different changes at once and ending up defeated, and not doing anything. 

So, there you go!


means taking a step

in the right direction.

So what now? How do you take action?

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What does healthy mean?

Why I'm Part of The Healthy Life Project

I bet you are wondering what my deal is...

Why am I doing this, anyway?

Girl #1 - "Yeah, why is she doing this?"

Girl #2 - "I don't know, do you know what her story is?"

Well... let me tell you

I have an autoimmune disease called

Hashimoto's Thyroiditis.

At one point, my autoimmune disease ruled my life.

I was suffering joint pain due to systemic inflammation. I couldn't get through the day without taking naps. I had brain fog. I had to say no to so many different things. I wasn't truly living my life, and I wasn't being the mom and the wife, friend, sister, or daughter that I wanted to be. 

I was letting people down. I couldn't do the things that my children wanted to do like just go on a bike ride, or a hike. And it was really killing me because it's not who I was or am.

I just thought that that was my new normal.

                    In March of 2016, I had one of the biggest flare-ups of my disease that I had ever had, to date. It was so bad that the doctors had no idea what was going on and were trying anything to try to help. It ended with my doctor actually asking me to find another doctor because he was simply terrified of the condition I was in and the fact that everything he was trying wasn't helping. 

Then my sister shared Juice Plus with me. The crazy thing was that she wasn't even taking it at this point! But she knew it was a good product, and I need to try something different.  So I started Juice Plus, and within a week, I really did honestly feel different! Here's the thing, everyone's going to be different, but I stopped having to take my naps. Then I noticed my pain was gone. Then that my brain fog was so much better!

There were so many side effects that I keep noticing were simply gone! I got to celebrate being able to clean. Yup, I was able to clean my house again. I was able to go on bike rides. I started with half a mile, there and back, so a mile. A MILE! It was a big day of celebrations. And it just got better from there. So now, I truly have my life back, and I have a dream that I didn't even know existed.

I have a new dream, and that dream is to see my disease in remission.

I didn't even know that was going to be possible for me, and I am so close.

It's just an amazing gift that I've gotten my life and my health back, and the fact that I can be the mom that I need to be, that I can take my kids to the pool, that I can do this task, that I can do that event, that I can be active! It is the best thing that I've honestly ever thought of, and I didn't realize how much I was missing until I started getting those things back.

So that's it. That's why I'm doing this. To help people get their life back. To help them prevent this from happening to their loved ones. 

So what now? How do you take action?

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Healthy Starts with a Choice

I love a good story.

I love to listen to how someone succeeded. Isn’t is so great?!

I want you to come with me for a little ride. Just for a bit.

The story opens and there is our main character. He is just humming along, then one day struggle hits. The struggle is hard and he has a choice. Through a bad choice or crappy circumstance, he is lead to more struggle and the hero falls.

What to do?! Will the hero give in to the struggle or not?! You know he has been beaten down over and over again. Is it worth it? Is it worth the effort to get back up? It's MUCH easier to stay down. But we already know that this story has a happy ending, so we know our hero doesn't stay down.

He made a choice and he choose to fight!

Right here! This is my favorite part of the story! How low was his low? How bad off was he?

What made him say, “no more”? Then what made him rise? How does he go from getting pummeled by life to starting to hit back.

How does he start to land punch by punch on the ugly face of defeat. The thing holding him down for so long. Defeat didn’t stop hitting him. Defeat didn't stop holding him down almost drowning him in despair. Nope.

Defeat kept hitting, landing hits square on the hero’s face. The hero didn’t stop hurting. So what? What was different?...

It was the decision. 

The simple decision not to take it anymore. To keep hitting when you get hit. To get back up when you fall. That decision is solid and life changing. This part of the story often gets glossed over. Summed up by a sentence or two, but it is a mighty warrior. This tiny transition makes the happy ending possible. It allows the hero to survive. It heals hearts, repairs broken souls and saves the day. It makes the whole story work.

That tiny and simple decision makes it all happen and allows the story to pivot.

When we are reading or listening to a story, we sit on the edge of our seat during the struggle. We don't know what is going to happen. We see how very simple the solution is. It's almost painfully easy. The hero just needs to make "this one choice", he "just needs to do this one thing"! It's so easy to see from the outside.

The moment we have been waiting for happens. We see the pivot and start to exhale. For the hero is hitting back. The hero is pulling strength from deep within and turns the story. It’s the mighty decision to the rescue! Fueling the hero to keep fighting and to eventually win.

So yes… healthy starts with a choice.

Because when you walk into a grocery store and have thousands of food options in front of you. The battle is real.

The quick, easy and cheap often win out. The deliciously and beautifully decorated cakes placed strategically around the store or the grab and go meals... let’s not even mention the hot and ready fried chicken shall we?!

You are the hero! You may go in there with a healthy plan. Then one poor choice leads to the next and before you know it your grocery cart is full of junk! We've all been there... You are tired, weary and almost beaten, but you can do this! You can make the mighty decision to make a better choice. Every time you go to pick something up, you can make a better choice. That good choice will lead to a better choice, which will lead to an even better choice. Then one day, your cart will look completely different.

You can do this…. You can make the choice. I believe in you.

For your better choice, is your happy ending.

So what now? How do you take action?

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Healthy Starts with a Choice - written by Nikol Murphy for The Healthy Life Project