Oxidative Stress and the Athlete

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Easy and Free Ways to Raise Money for your Favorite Charity!

It's January! The streets (and internet) are a buzz with resolutions, power words goals and fitness! We are looking at how we can take better care of ourselves as well as others. That normally takes time or money. Both are resources that seem to be tight after a long holiday season. So how do you help the charities that are so near and dear to your heart? There are so many great causes out there, but we are often limited to helping one or two. Well, that is no longer the case! Two apps are here to help you give while you are doing other activities.

They are helping you multiply your time and that is a good thing!

Easy and Free Ways to Raise Money for your Favorite Charity - Charity Miles and Donate a Photo 1.png

Here at THLP we are all about simplifying and multiplying our efforts. Enter the Charity Miles and Donate a Photo apps! Each app allows you to support a charity of your choosing while already doing something that you normally do! Exercising and taking pictures! 

How do they work?

Charity Miles


  1. Download the app
  2. Create a profile
  3. Choose the Healthy Living Revolution Team
  4. Start raising money while you get fit!
  5. Feel great that you did something for you and someone else!

Large corporations, register as sponsors. You choose the charity and a corporation is assigned to sponsor your activity. There are ads that will pop up, but I just put my phone in my water bottle holder and I am on my way! 

Listed below are just a few of the charities that can benefit from your exercise!

Girls On The Run
– Empowering girls through running

Special Olympics
– Empower athletes with intellectual disabilities

Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America
– Cure Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis

She’s the First
– Educate girls in low-income countries

– Provide shoes to fight poverty worldwide

Nothing But Nets
– Provide anti-malaria bednets

Back On My Feet
– Empower people experiencing homelessness

The Ironman Foundation
– Get kids active

Foundation of the NSNA
– Support our future nurses

The Michael J. Fox Foundation
– Cure Parkinson’s Disease

Autism Speaks
– Support Autism research

World Wildlife Fund
– Protect nature and wildlife

Stand Up To Cancer
– Fund cancer research

– Protect Animals

Alzheimer’s Association
– Support Alzheimer’s research

– Support our service members

Team Red, White & Blue
– Enrich the lives of American veterans

Feeding America
– Fight hunger in America

ALS Association
– Fighting to treat and cure ALS

Habitat for Humanity
– Provide housing to people worldwide

National Multiple Sclerosis Society
– Move towards a world free of MS

Wounded Warrior Project
– Honor and empower wounded warriors

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
– Cure and treat childhood cancer

Charity: Water
– Provide clean and safe drinking water

National Park Foundation
– Protect our National parks

Our friends at Healthy Living Revolution, created a Charity Miles team and we have been having a great time being part of it and raising money while we get fit!

At the time of this post

our team has logged over 40,000 miles for charity!

Donate a Photo

  1. Download the app
  2. Create a profile
  3. Take a photo and share!
  4. Set the reminders for you to take a picture every day
  5. Feel great about your good deed!

It seems that Donate a Photo has a few different types of campaigns. Campaigns that help an unlimited amount of people, campaigns that will help a maximum number of people (you can tell by the __ of __ helped counter on the campaign, and inactive campaigns that we closed once the commitment was made. They layout their campaigns in categories and completed.

The categories are: 

  • Women's and Children's Health
  • Healthy Families
  • Health Workforce
  • Environmental Health
  • Global Disease Challenges
  • Essential Surgery
  • Education and Equality
  • Emergency Relief

If you join either app to start raising money, tag us on your social media shares or use the #thehealthylifeproject so we can celebrate you! 

F @thehealthylifeprojectblog   |  IG @thehealthylifeprojectblog   |  T  @thehealthylifep

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Healthy New Year's Eve Recipes

We will always be forever grateful for those who have talent and creativity in the kitchen! We both have many talents but unfortunately, they do not include any kind of natural talent for recipe creation.

But that is okay!

#1- Because that is not who God made us to be.

#2 - Food Bloggers

#3- Pinterest!

We scoured Pinterest for some great healthy and creative recipes for your special New Year's Eve party. 

I'm going to go ahead and say that I have my eye firmly planted on the Vegan Champagne "Jell-O" Shots by Morsels and Moonshine. Take a while and check out her delectable website for more recipes. They all look ah-mazing!

Salted Chocolate Dipped Mandarin Slices by Deliciously Yum look like a perfect treat that the kids can make AND eat!

I'm a sucker for buffalo wings, so these Buffalo Quinoa Bites by Betsy Life look perfecto and guilt free!

You can check out all the recipes we saved on our Healthy New Year's Eve Recipes Board.

Hope you enjoy!

Have a safe and lovely New Year's Eve!

If you make any of the recipes listed above or on the board, come back and let us know how you liked them in the comments!

NYE recipes Pinterest.png

Feeding the Good Guys

When we feed ourselves, we’re feeding a whole ecosystem inside us.

There is so much confusion about our health today- what we should eat or drink.

We have a health challenge on our hands. 

There is good news! Our DNA, is not our absolute destiny.  Switching on good genes and turning off problematic genes, which has greatly to do with nutrition, is one of the the most important of all.

This emerging field of science is called Epigenetics. 

“It’s NOT so much what our Genes ‘do to us’ It’s what WE DO to our Genes!” 

And it’s not just what happens to our genes but also what happens to our germs that live within us, specifically in our intestinal system. We called that our microbiota or microbiome, where all those tiny small germs live in our intestines.

Our immune system resides in the intestinal lining, about 70%. It is the chief regulator for our immune function in our body and brain.  What we feed our immune system or our gut matters so much more than we realized before.

We’ve been encouraged to eat our colors; to eat a wide range of plant foods. Now we’re learning that these food are not only anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer, but they’re working to support the healthy germs instead of the problematic germs in our intestine.

Our immunity is our lifeline and 70% of it resides in our gut.

What is the microbiome?  It’s the big picture of who is living in us! There are at least 10 times as many good germs living inside us, as there are human cells in our bodies. Scientists have only been able to be research them recently because they are so small and delicate that they cant’ be grown in a laboratory; they only grow in the special environment of the human body or animal host. These good germs do things for us that we can’t do: they make anti-cancer substances everyday, they make vitamins for us, and they even perform much of our digestion and keep the barrier healthy and strong so harmful things don’t leak into our bloodstream. 

Antibiotics are those drugs made to kill the infection germs so then our immune system can take over and fix the problem.

Probiotics is the good germs. We've heard about these a lot in recent years. But there is more to this...

Prebiotics is the foundational food that must be present to feed those good germs.  We must eat that foundational food in order for the probiotics to reproduce in our body and do what they should! 

Psychobiotics: or how gut bacteria messes with your mind. It is how some noxious germs can take over when the good germs have been harmed by things like antibiotics. The good news is that the good germs manufacture neurotransmitters, and make many more than we can make for ourselves. Psychologist are realizing that the microbiome is very important and they have to address feeding the good germs with good nutrition. 

How do we feed the good guys in our body?

Phytonutrients are what these good germs feed on, which are found in that rainbow of plant foods. 

Conditions Associated with Whole-Food Deficit:

  • Alzheimer's Disease
  • Altered Immune Fuction: allergies, asthma, auto-immune disorders
  • Cancer
  • Degenerative Joint Disease
  • Depression, cognitive disorders, learning & behavior disorders
  • Heart Disease & Hypertension
  • Vulnerability to infections
  • Pre-eclampsia of pregnancy
  • Protein and fat damage in athletes

New Dietary guidelines require 50% of your plate to be fruits and vegetables.

We can’t culture these good germs because they are so delicate they cannot be made in a lab; therefore, they can’t be put into probiotics we buy because those are created in labs. So, how do we get more of those good germs???! Those good germs are IN your body already and they are waiting to be fed the food they need to grow to the trillions in order to help our body. 

It’s difficult to get that rainbow color of plants everyday. Juice Plus+ is an easy button, containing the rainbow in 30 different fruits and vegetables. 

It’s uniquely studied with over 20 years and 36 different peer-reviewed, double gold standard, published, independent clinical research articles. All this research we can share with you, just contact us!

“Our chemistry is from plant chemistry.”

Even when we eat animals, those animals ate plants to get all their nutrients! 

Those good germs need the phytonutrients in plant foods to thrive and help our bodies. 

So what now? How do you take action?

You can simply share this post with your friends and loved ones.

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The Good News OR The Bad News? Dave's Report

Want to know what season is my husband's favorite? Hurricane season. Yup. Not winter, spring, summer or fall...  Why? Well, he's a surfer and when there are hurricanes off the coast they bring great waves. So, you can guess what he was doing before and after Irma. There was just one problem-- at the beginning of the session he crack his knee on the board. In pain but knowing the waves were fleeting, he continued to surf for another 2 hours until the pain unbearable. 

The Good News Or the Bad News Daves Report.png

I think you can guess that I leading to the bad news and not the good news. After weeks of RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) and not being able to do any of the training he was supposed to begin, he went to an Orthopedic. His meniscus is torn in his right knee. They don't know the extent of the damage yet but the only training he can do right now is swim.

So what is the good news about Dave's update? 

Dave has severe scoliosis. For the last few years he has struggled with the pain daily. He would have to wake up early just so he could stretch in bed and allow time to let the pain subside enough to get up and get ready. The pain would follow him all day and made certain activities almost impossible. Staying active by running and surfing helped but each day he woke to pain. When he began to add 30 different fruits and vegetables, he began to feel a lift in his pain. He then started to pay more attention to his diet and began to drink more water. Within a few months he realized he didn't have to stretch first before getting out of bed.  And then he realized he didn't feel pain at all in the mornings. And then the pain didn't even rise throughout the day! So, even though his knee is killing him right now, his back isn't! 

That is a HUGE win for him! He feels younger and it's one of the main reasons he signed up for the Ironman. Because without that daily pain, he believes he can push himself to do a race he never would have otherwise imagined. 

Hopefully his knee will heal quickly, and he'll literally be able to get ON the saddle... Although it will technically be for the first time.

The Swim: 

Since Dave has only been able to swim he is feeling much more confident. He continues to work on his form, finding that trying to breathe correctly is a bit harder than he anticipated. He loves the water and is itching to start swimming in the ocean. The part he hates the most is concentrating on his form inside a pool. Especially an indoor pool.  His blood runs salty from growing up on islands in south Florida and being the son of a fisherman. The ocean revives him and he's excited to be able to race in it. 

The Bike: 

Not able to ride yet. 

The Run: 

Not able to run yet.


Dave begins his day with a Complete shake with almond milk and berries. He also gets 30 fruits and vegetables in his Juice Plus+ capsules. We are a plant-based family but Dave also eats fish he catches when he fishes offshore. This week it was Trigger fish, yummy. He has not yet added ay specific training nutrition since he's slowly working up with swimming right now. 


Dave's main challenge now is to be able to jump start his Ironman training without being able to get on the bike or run. He's feeling very overwhelmed with a looming race date and a bit depressed that he can't go all in. He's the kind of person that wants to jump in and start strong when he decides to do something. He's thrilled with a big goal like Ironman and is in no way planning to let this hold him up.

Ironman is more than a physical challenge, it's a mental one. 

When you are training long hours and out there on a race course for 6-15 hours, it is your mind that can destroy you. You have to be able to push through the feelings of wanting to stop. You have to be able to push through physical pain and mental anguish when your mind is telling you there is no way you can do this "thing". The 'thing' could be a training run or a swim in a tiny lap pool. It is pushing through days of doing no training at all even when you want and know you need to. Mental strength is a challenge all it's own. 

I will be posting weekly updates on Dave's progress. What his challenges are for that week, what he's excited about, what bike he ends up getting, what gear we buy him, and so much more! Join our Facebook Group to follow along and watch Facebook Live events. 

Want to learn how Dave gets in 45 different vegetables and fruits every morning?

Easy fruits and veggies sound awesome and want to get them?

Want to join the Healthy Life Project? 

How Vanessa Preps For the Shred

We have a 10 day health jump start program called the Shred that I absolutely love.

It has certain guidelines:


  • More Real Food
  • Juice Plus+ Trio Capsules Daily
  • 2 Complete Shakes Daily
  • Plenty of Water
  • Sleep 7-8 Hours
  • Exercise Most Days


  • Gluten
  • Dairy
  • Caffeine
  • Alcohol
  • Processed Foods
  • Refined Sugars
  • Eating After 6:00 pm*

*Pregnant or nursing mothers do not need to follow this.

These guidelines might seem strict but they are for only 10 days with 1 weekend! You can do anything for 10 days.

During the holidays I tend to fall off the wagon smack on my face for three months. It's a slippery slope that starts with everything pumpkin and ends with my skinny jeans not fitting by January! I love that for ten days at the beginning of each month I can take the time to focus on what I'm putting in my body. I can skip that drive thru and Starbucks and know that when I do enjoy those holiday meals it won't derail all the work I did to stay healthy the rest of the year. 

So, what do I do to make sure I'm successful during those 10 days? I spend the weekend shopping and prepping. 

How Vanessa preps for the shred (1).png

What do I buy?

All my favorite fruits & vegetables that are in season.

  • Kale
  • Spinach
  • Butternut Squash
  • Spaghetti Squash
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Red Potatoes
  • Bell Peppers
  • Leaks
  • Rainbow Chard
  • Zucchini
  • Mushrooms
  • Celery
  • Carrots
  • Variety of all fruits and berries
  • Hummus

What do I make?

We have a Shred10 Pinterest Board with a variety of recipes we enjoy making. But I also have certain things I like to make in bulk so I can easily throw a lunch or dinner together with no meal prep or cooking.

  • Quinoa
  • Brown Rice
  • Overnight Oats
  • Protein Balls (Which we have a Pinterest Board For!)
  • A soup or stew of some kind. (I'm planning on Potato Leek Soup this week)
  • Lentils
  • Butternut Squash
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Chick Peas
  • Vegetable medley cooked in the oven
  • Salads in a jar 

What I make might look a little different than you because I am plant-based, I don't bulk cook any meats like I used to. But I used to make 3 pounds of crockpot pulled chicken breast and skillet chicken thighs. Which I highly recommend if you like to have chicken with your salads in a jar or for easy dinners. 

What I love about having those key items cooked in bulk already is that all I might have to do is cook fresh vegetables or use the items I already cooked to create a meal like Butternut Squash Mac and Cheese. Or better yet, I just throw some quinoa, lentils, and veggies together for a quick lunch! 

If ten days of focusing on your nutrition and detoxing sounds like what you need contact us!

Ready to jump in? 

You Can't Have Endurance Without Perseverance: Augusta 70.3

I was slumped over gasping for air holding on to my husband's shoulder while my coach, Skye, grabbed ice and Dan poured water on my head. I couldn't  catch my breath. Only 6 miles into the 13.1 mile run and I was hyperventilating on the side of the road. 

You Can't Have Endurance Without Perseverance- Augusta 70.3.png

I wish I could say I felt strong going into this race but sometimes life doesn't work that way. On Friday morning just hours before I left for Augusta, Georgia, I sat at the doctor's office while she told me I had sinusitis, bronchitis, and enteritis. Basically my whole body was "itis". She gave me three different medicines and told me I should not race on Sunday.

Yeah, right. I've been training for this race for six months. Unless I was in the hospital, I was going to Augusta.

I spent the next few hours packing and re-checking my bag. Hoping that in my cloud of sickness I hadn't forgotten a key item. I was already nervous because I had to get new shifters put on my bike just a few days earlier (one of my caps had popped off during Augusta Camp and with the delays from Hurricane Irma I didn't get my bike back in time to properly ride it before race day). Anyone will tell you that you should NEVER change anything for race day... 

I tried to push all the negativity aside and concentrate on what was ahead. This was my victory lap. For all the hard work. For all the hours on the weekends I gave up with family and friends. For every moment I told myself I could not stay in the ocean for another second, go that extra mile, push myself harder on that next lap around the track. 

This weekend was about "I Can."

So I went to the race expo and bought my mug that said "Augusta 70.3" and my t-shirt that already had my name printed on the back as a finisher. Because I was surrounded by women on my team that had and would persevere and I would join them. 

The Swim:

With friends by my side we walked down to the floating dock to get ready for our wave to start. I jumped in the water to swim out the nerves. With every stroke my breathing settled and I grabbed the dock in anticipation for our start. Women ages 35-39 poured around me, splashing, kicking and off we went! My goal for the swim was to use it as a warm up; swim solid but I knew it was key to not lose my breath. I needed to conserve. 

I finished in 35:45. My original goal was 35 minutes. I was off to a great start!

swim out augusta 70.3

The Bike:

Talking about perseverance-- Three weeks ago, during our Augusta Training Camp, one of my friends took a terrible fall on mile 50 of our practice ride. She ended up in an ambulance along with many stitches and patches of road rash. But she came right back to camp after the hospital and stayed the rest of the weekend to cheer us on. Teresa is also a firefighter and the next week was out working 24 hour shifts to help in Hurricane Irma. It is women like her that I meet in my race journey that humble me. That make me look at challenges in a whole new light.

So, why did I go so far off the topic of race day? Well, I was right behind her when she fell.  Every single bit of anxiety about my past bike accident reared it's ugly head. All I wanted was a safe ride for the race now.  

As I flew down the hills I braked. I knew better. I knew I was losing momentum to go up the next hill but I froze. I let fear get the best of me while people flew down next to me. I could not let go of my brakes. I prayed for a safe ride. I prayed that I would dismount that bike into a safe run. 

And then my chain fell off. 

And then it fell off again.

But I was not alone. Someone stopped to hold my bike while I wrestled for way too long to get it back on. We exchanged names and I thanked her profusely. But in my fog of nerves and sickness I cannot remember it for the life of me! I don't think I could have done it without her. I was in panic mode trying to understand how something so simple could keep happening! 

Less than ten miles away I rode into transition safely. 

In 3:26:41.

Who knows how much time I lost braking on those hills or trying to put my chain back on. But I was off the bike and running into transition. 

bike augusta 70.3

The Run:

A half marathon. 13.1 miles ahead of me at 1:10 pm in Augusta, Georgia on September 24, 2017. It was hot. And although my sinusitis and bronchitis had not held me back in the swim and the bike, I would not be so lucky on the run.

I started with a decent pace of 11 minute miles, thinking that I was allowing myself to go slow. Oh, but I had no idea what pacing myself would mean. 

Around mile 4 I started to fall apart. All of a sudden I felt like every breath I took brought in less and less air. I started to get dizzy and began to walk. I made sure I was stopping at every Aid Station: drinking water, eating my nutrition, taking my salt, and grabbing ice to put in any place I could store it. I threw ice water on my head, down my back, on my chest. I told myself "only 9 more miles!" but then yelled at myself to shut up because that might as well be 50. 

I was not in a good place. 

Then I saw our team tent at mile 6 with Skye, Dan, and Dave waving and cheering me on and I began to cry. Dave came over as I totally fell apart. Knowing I wasn't even half way made every single doubt and emotion flow out of me as the little breaths I had got smaller. Skye and Dan talked me off the ledge. After ice, water, hugs, and words of encouragement I was off again. 

I realized I could breathe a little better if I inhaled through my nose and not my mouth. I focused on my breathing, my running form, and I even closed my eyes at points. Then my teammate, Jae, came upon me; lifting me up and I held on to her for many more miles. She talked to me even though I couldn't say anything back. She asked what I needed and if I had the ice for my chest to help me breathe easier. She helped me forget the miles we had to go. 

This is what team is about.

This is why I am part of a training group. 

I ran a 2:49:55. My longest time for a half marathon ever. My goal for an under 7 hour race was gone. 

I finished in 7:02:40. 

The Finish:

There were many tears at the finish line but not because I was upset at my time.

I was overwhelmed with emotions for finishing while each breath was a struggle. I was overwhelmed with emotions that someone took time to help me put my bike chain back on.

I was thankful for my husband, Dave, cheering at every step and for holding me up when I just wanted to break down. I was thankful for my friend and coach, Skye, for not letting me think for even a second that I could not do it. I was thankful for our team: Dan's smiles and encouragement, Jae's kind words and push during the race, and every single one of us that screamed out each other's names for our awesome accomplishment that was almost over. 

I love giving myself athletic goals for my health. But it is the journey with the people around me that make it worth it. It is seeing the perseverance of my friend Teresa who finished in her goal time even after her fall just weeks ago. It is the camaraderie of our team of women in Tri With Skye pushing each other, cheering for each other, being there for each other when it is most needed. 

Pushing yourself physically is hard. But it is the mental push of endurance sports that separates the "I Can" from the "I Will". 

finish augusta 70.3

Want to know what nutrition I used as my base that helped me finish?

I want some!

Want to join The Healthy Life Project? Talk to me!

Vegan Omega Blend

Raise your hand if you take a

fish oil Omega.

Mmmmmm...... Ew!

LOL! In all fairness, we were right there with you! I honestly didn't even know you could get your Omegas from anywhere else. I'm not sure why the majority of companies have chosen this way of producing Omegas or why the mainstream public has been educated to think this is the only way. It seems like if you had to choose between making a product from plants or animals, plants would seem to be the better choice. But I digress...

What we DO know is that we all know our brain, eyes, heart, joints, and skin benefit greatly from Omega fatty acids. It is why we take those nasty fish oil capsules in the first place. But now there is a better way!


Announcing Omega Blend

This is an Omega Complex!

Vegan Omega Complex The Healthy Life Project .jpg

Benefits of Omega 3:

Helps with Depression. Help Baby's brain development, eye health, better skin & hair, treat & prevent wrinkles and reduce the symptoms of ADHD

Benefits of Omega 5:
Helps balance Weight, cardiovascular health, and blood sugar. Reduce symptoms of menopause.

Benefits of Omega 6:
Helps Reduce Nerve Pain, Fights Inflammation, Treats Rheumatoid Arthritis, May Help Reduce Symptoms of ADHD, Reduces High Blood Pressure, Lowers Risk of Heart Disease and Supports Bone Health

Benefits of Omega 7:
Aid in weight loss and promote bowel regularity.

Benefits of Omega 9:
Help Cardiovascular systems, healthy cholesterol levels, improved immune function, more energy, better mood and healthy blood sugar levels.

We are overjoyed that this amazing product has been added to our favorite product line and is now available to order!

Sounds awesome right?!

Simply click below to get your vegan Omega Complex!

17 Pumpkin Spice Vegan Recipes for Fall!

Fall is right around the corner, so let's not pretend we all want to wear legging, boots, scarves and drink all the things pumpkin. Until the peppermint stuff comes out anyway... I'll will drop pumpkin anything in a hot second for peppermint flavored anything. But I digress... it is pumpkin's time to shine and shine it will.

17 Pumpkin Spice Vegan Recipes for Fall! social media.png

This year in an effort to stay as plant based as possible without missing out on the fun, I went hunting for vegan pumpkin recipes and I hit the jackpot! So instead of hoarding this fabulous information all to myself, I decided to gather it all up and share it with you!  

Because we "organize all the things" - we made a handy dandy Pinterest Board with all the recipes listed below! Simply click the image and follow the board to save.

FREE Health Roadmap! Your First 7 Steps to a Healthier Life!

There is nothing we love more than accurate, reliable information and a roadmap to success. All too often we can get lost in the thousands of articles on what is the best way to do <insert topic here>, being left with hours or even days lost in our lives and we are more confused than ever. While we researched this very topic, we noticed that there was a trend among all the health giants and our most trusted resources. One being, eat more fruits and vegetables. But outside of that, there were more common threads.

We have taken the lead from our most trusted sources and put together a simple formula for you to start on your health journey. Depending on where you are, this may seem super easy or completely overwhelming.

Your First 7 Steps to a Healthier Life! The Healthy Life Project


If you have already made some of the changes we suggest. Take an audit at how well you are doing. Since nobody is perfect, you will find room for improvement. Take this opportunity to level-up your health game.

If you are just trying to stay out of the fast food lane, breathe and certainly don't try to make all of these changes at once. Pick ONE and work on that for 30 days, then choose another to add. Pop into our FREE Facebook community and share your wins with us!

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