Creeping Up on 40, Deciding to Go From Fisherman to Ironman

This is my husband.  Long time surfer. Avid fisherman.

Dave surfing

He'll be 40 next spring, and I think he may be having a mid-life crisis.

He's decided to complete a Full Ironman 140.6 next November.

I will be following his journey from his most recent hobby, fisherman to his new goal of Ironman.

Here he is last year on his 39th birthday catching his first Marlin.

Dave is on the left.

Dave is on the left.

Why is an Full Ironman such a big deal? I mean, I'm racing a Half Ironman this weekend. 

Well, not only is it twice the distance of the race I'm doing, Dave also has no experience. Although he might be a little better off than I was when I started, since I showed up at the pool with a nose plug and would hyperventilate when I put my face in the water! 

So, what experience does he have?

The Swim: 

He can surf and dive for lobsters. So, he basically knows how not to sink. He has never learned how to do a stroke and has never swam any type of distance, even in a pool. 

On the plus side, he loves the ocean and feels extremely comfortable. And after just one lesson with our coach, Skye Johnson, he is feeling confident that it will not take long for him to make the changes he needs!

The Bike: 

Dave has never been on a road bike. As a kid he rode BMX bikes so he feels comfortable with changing to a road bike. The distance does concern him, although I'm more scared of the cars on the road not seeing him. 

But he is excited to buy a bike and get started! 

The Run: 

Dave started running with our 10-year old son, Kade, for the last few years, completing a few 5Ks (3.1 miles) and seeding (gaining entry for a specific slot) into The Gate River Run (9.3 miles).

He has never ran a half marathon, let alone the full marathon he must complete for his Ironman! 


Dave will be training for and racing as a plant-based athlete. As a life long "meat and potatoes" guy this is a very foreign land. He's adamant about cutting all meat but fish out of his diet. He will also be eliminating dairy and eggs along with using a vegan plant-based Complete protein mix, the same that I use. 

This is a new way of eating for Dave but he has already started to begin his days with 45 different fruits and vegetables. He feels he needs to add even more vegetables and fruits throughout the day and finding places to eat for lunch during the work week is posing to be more difficult than he realized. 


Extreme Scoliosis has reeked havoc on Dave's body for years. The pain has gotten better since he started changing his diet but he recognizes this will be a challenge for him when he starts to increase his running distance. Running is actually the only discipline that he is worried about. Since swimming and biking are so much easier on the body, the long marathon at the end is what Dave has on his mind right now. 

From Fisherman to Ironman!

I will be posting weekly updates on Dave's progress. What his challenges are for that week, what he's excited about, what bike he ends up getting, what gear we buy him, and so much more! Join our Facebook Group to follow along and watch Facebook Live events. 

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