Feeding the Good Guys

When we feed ourselves, we’re feeding a whole ecosystem inside us.

There is so much confusion about our health today- what we should eat or drink.

We have a health challenge on our hands. 

There is good news! Our DNA, is not our absolute destiny.  Switching on good genes and turning off problematic genes, which has greatly to do with nutrition, is one of the the most important of all.

This emerging field of science is called Epigenetics. 

“It’s NOT so much what our Genes ‘do to us’ It’s what WE DO to our Genes!” 

And it’s not just what happens to our genes but also what happens to our germs that live within us, specifically in our intestinal system. We called that our microbiota or microbiome, where all those tiny small germs live in our intestines.

Our immune system resides in the intestinal lining, about 70%. It is the chief regulator for our immune function in our body and brain.  What we feed our immune system or our gut matters so much more than we realized before.

We’ve been encouraged to eat our colors; to eat a wide range of plant foods. Now we’re learning that these food are not only anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer, but they’re working to support the healthy germs instead of the problematic germs in our intestine.

Our immunity is our lifeline and 70% of it resides in our gut.

What is the microbiome?  It’s the big picture of who is living in us! There are at least 10 times as many good germs living inside us, as there are human cells in our bodies. Scientists have only been able to be research them recently because they are so small and delicate that they cant’ be grown in a laboratory; they only grow in the special environment of the human body or animal host. These good germs do things for us that we can’t do: they make anti-cancer substances everyday, they make vitamins for us, and they even perform much of our digestion and keep the barrier healthy and strong so harmful things don’t leak into our bloodstream. 

Antibiotics are those drugs made to kill the infection germs so then our immune system can take over and fix the problem.

Probiotics is the good germs. We've heard about these a lot in recent years. But there is more to this...

Prebiotics is the foundational food that must be present to feed those good germs.  We must eat that foundational food in order for the probiotics to reproduce in our body and do what they should! 

Psychobiotics: or how gut bacteria messes with your mind. It is how some noxious germs can take over when the good germs have been harmed by things like antibiotics. The good news is that the good germs manufacture neurotransmitters, and make many more than we can make for ourselves. Psychologist are realizing that the microbiome is very important and they have to address feeding the good germs with good nutrition. 

How do we feed the good guys in our body?

Phytonutrients are what these good germs feed on, which are found in that rainbow of plant foods. 

Conditions Associated with Whole-Food Deficit:

  • Alzheimer's Disease
  • Altered Immune Fuction: allergies, asthma, auto-immune disorders
  • Cancer
  • Degenerative Joint Disease
  • Depression, cognitive disorders, learning & behavior disorders
  • Heart Disease & Hypertension
  • Vulnerability to infections
  • Pre-eclampsia of pregnancy
  • Protein and fat damage in athletes

New Dietary guidelines require 50% of your plate to be fruits and vegetables.

We can’t culture these good germs because they are so delicate they cannot be made in a lab; therefore, they can’t be put into probiotics we buy because those are created in labs. So, how do we get more of those good germs???! Those good germs are IN your body already and they are waiting to be fed the food they need to grow to the trillions in order to help our body. 

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“Our chemistry is from plant chemistry.”

Even when we eat animals, those animals ate plants to get all their nutrients! 

Those good germs need the phytonutrients in plant foods to thrive and help our bodies. 

So what now? How do you take action?

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