Healthy Starts with a Choice

I love a good story.

I love to listen to how someone succeeded. Isn’t is so great?!

I want you to come with me for a little ride. Just for a bit.

The story opens and there is our main character. He is just humming along, then one day struggle hits. The struggle is hard and he has a choice. Through a bad choice or crappy circumstance, he is lead to more struggle and the hero falls.

What to do?! Will the hero give in to the struggle or not?! You know he has been beaten down over and over again. Is it worth it? Is it worth the effort to get back up? It's MUCH easier to stay down. But we already know that this story has a happy ending, so we know our hero doesn't stay down.

He made a choice and he choose to fight!

Right here! This is my favorite part of the story! How low was his low? How bad off was he?

What made him say, “no more”? Then what made him rise? How does he go from getting pummeled by life to starting to hit back.

How does he start to land punch by punch on the ugly face of defeat. The thing holding him down for so long. Defeat didn’t stop hitting him. Defeat didn't stop holding him down almost drowning him in despair. Nope.

Defeat kept hitting, landing hits square on the hero’s face. The hero didn’t stop hurting. So what? What was different?...

It was the decision. 

The simple decision not to take it anymore. To keep hitting when you get hit. To get back up when you fall. That decision is solid and life changing. This part of the story often gets glossed over. Summed up by a sentence or two, but it is a mighty warrior. This tiny transition makes the happy ending possible. It allows the hero to survive. It heals hearts, repairs broken souls and saves the day. It makes the whole story work.

That tiny and simple decision makes it all happen and allows the story to pivot.

When we are reading or listening to a story, we sit on the edge of our seat during the struggle. We don't know what is going to happen. We see how very simple the solution is. It's almost painfully easy. The hero just needs to make "this one choice", he "just needs to do this one thing"! It's so easy to see from the outside.

The moment we have been waiting for happens. We see the pivot and start to exhale. For the hero is hitting back. The hero is pulling strength from deep within and turns the story. It’s the mighty decision to the rescue! Fueling the hero to keep fighting and to eventually win.

So yes… healthy starts with a choice.

Because when you walk into a grocery store and have thousands of food options in front of you. The battle is real.

The quick, easy and cheap often win out. The deliciously and beautifully decorated cakes placed strategically around the store or the grab and go meals... let’s not even mention the hot and ready fried chicken shall we?!

You are the hero! You may go in there with a healthy plan. Then one poor choice leads to the next and before you know it your grocery cart is full of junk! We've all been there... You are tired, weary and almost beaten, but you can do this! You can make the mighty decision to make a better choice. Every time you go to pick something up, you can make a better choice. That good choice will lead to a better choice, which will lead to an even better choice. Then one day, your cart will look completely different.

You can do this…. You can make the choice. I believe in you.

For your better choice, is your happy ending.

So what now? How do you take action?

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Healthy Starts with a Choice - written by Nikol Murphy for The Healthy Life Project