Vegan Omega Blend

Raise your hand if you take a

fish oil Omega.

Mmmmmm...... Ew!

LOL! In all fairness, we were right there with you! I honestly didn't even know you could get your Omegas from anywhere else. I'm not sure why the majority of companies have chosen this way of producing Omegas or why the mainstream public has been educated to think this is the only way. It seems like if you had to choose between making a product from plants or animals, plants would seem to be the better choice. But I digress...

What we DO know is that we all know our brain, eyes, heart, joints, and skin benefit greatly from Omega fatty acids. It is why we take those nasty fish oil capsules in the first place. But now there is a better way!


Announcing Omega Blend

This is an Omega Complex!

Vegan Omega Complex The Healthy Life Project .jpg

Benefits of Omega 3:

Helps with Depression. Help Baby's brain development, eye health, better skin & hair, treat & prevent wrinkles and reduce the symptoms of ADHD

Benefits of Omega 5:
Helps balance Weight, cardiovascular health, and blood sugar. Reduce symptoms of menopause.

Benefits of Omega 6:
Helps Reduce Nerve Pain, Fights Inflammation, Treats Rheumatoid Arthritis, May Help Reduce Symptoms of ADHD, Reduces High Blood Pressure, Lowers Risk of Heart Disease and Supports Bone Health

Benefits of Omega 7:
Aid in weight loss and promote bowel regularity.

Benefits of Omega 9:
Help Cardiovascular systems, healthy cholesterol levels, improved immune function, more energy, better mood and healthy blood sugar levels.

We are overjoyed that this amazing product has been added to our favorite product line and is now available to order!

Sounds awesome right?!

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