The Good News OR The Bad News? Dave's Report

Want to know what season is my husband's favorite? Hurricane season. Yup. Not winter, spring, summer or fall...  Why? Well, he's a surfer and when there are hurricanes off the coast they bring great waves. So, you can guess what he was doing before and after Irma. There was just one problem-- at the beginning of the session he crack his knee on the board. In pain but knowing the waves were fleeting, he continued to surf for another 2 hours until the pain unbearable. 

The Good News Or the Bad News Daves Report.png

I think you can guess that I leading to the bad news and not the good news. After weeks of RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) and not being able to do any of the training he was supposed to begin, he went to an Orthopedic. His meniscus is torn in his right knee. They don't know the extent of the damage yet but the only training he can do right now is swim.

So what is the good news about Dave's update? 

Dave has severe scoliosis. For the last few years he has struggled with the pain daily. He would have to wake up early just so he could stretch in bed and allow time to let the pain subside enough to get up and get ready. The pain would follow him all day and made certain activities almost impossible. Staying active by running and surfing helped but each day he woke to pain. When he began to add 30 different fruits and vegetables, he began to feel a lift in his pain. He then started to pay more attention to his diet and began to drink more water. Within a few months he realized he didn't have to stretch first before getting out of bed.  And then he realized he didn't feel pain at all in the mornings. And then the pain didn't even rise throughout the day! So, even though his knee is killing him right now, his back isn't! 

That is a HUGE win for him! He feels younger and it's one of the main reasons he signed up for the Ironman. Because without that daily pain, he believes he can push himself to do a race he never would have otherwise imagined. 

Hopefully his knee will heal quickly, and he'll literally be able to get ON the saddle... Although it will technically be for the first time.

The Swim: 

Since Dave has only been able to swim he is feeling much more confident. He continues to work on his form, finding that trying to breathe correctly is a bit harder than he anticipated. He loves the water and is itching to start swimming in the ocean. The part he hates the most is concentrating on his form inside a pool. Especially an indoor pool.  His blood runs salty from growing up on islands in south Florida and being the son of a fisherman. The ocean revives him and he's excited to be able to race in it. 

The Bike: 

Not able to ride yet. 

The Run: 

Not able to run yet.


Dave begins his day with a Complete shake with almond milk and berries. He also gets 30 fruits and vegetables in his Juice Plus+ capsules. We are a plant-based family but Dave also eats fish he catches when he fishes offshore. This week it was Trigger fish, yummy. He has not yet added ay specific training nutrition since he's slowly working up with swimming right now. 


Dave's main challenge now is to be able to jump start his Ironman training without being able to get on the bike or run. He's feeling very overwhelmed with a looming race date and a bit depressed that he can't go all in. He's the kind of person that wants to jump in and start strong when he decides to do something. He's thrilled with a big goal like Ironman and is in no way planning to let this hold him up.

Ironman is more than a physical challenge, it's a mental one. 

When you are training long hours and out there on a race course for 6-15 hours, it is your mind that can destroy you. You have to be able to push through the feelings of wanting to stop. You have to be able to push through physical pain and mental anguish when your mind is telling you there is no way you can do this "thing". The 'thing' could be a training run or a swim in a tiny lap pool. It is pushing through days of doing no training at all even when you want and know you need to. Mental strength is a challenge all it's own. 

I will be posting weekly updates on Dave's progress. What his challenges are for that week, what he's excited about, what bike he ends up getting, what gear we buy him, and so much more! Join our Facebook Group to follow along and watch Facebook Live events. 

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