3 Simple and Powerful Ways CoSchedule is Productivity Magic for Network Marketers!

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Every day network marketers are realizing that there is more to them and their brand than the product they sell through their business. The reason most people get into network marketing is that they were looking for a solution in an area of their life they are passionate about. For instance, we are in the health and wellness industry. We found our product because we are interested in health and wellness and researched what the best products to use were for our needs. Does that industry stop at the end of our product line? Nope, it sure does not. Are there other aspects of healthy living that we can improve in our lives and help others do the same? Yes, there are.

Gone are the days where we need to talk to and build relationships with people one by one. What if we could put one message out and reach hundreds or even thousands of people that we haven't even met yet! The way we sell our product doesn't have to be any different than any other online small business. Every product starts with a story and every business owner (I know) deeply believes in their product; whether they make it with their own two hands, purchase it wholesale from the small crafter in the next town over, or trusts a company to make the product for them like we do.  

Network marketing is a simple process. We create systems and make it duplicatable. Taking it online is not for everyone and can be a bit overwhelming if you don't know where to start. What do we do about that? Enter CoSchedule!

I first heard about CoSchedule when I was co-founding the NC Blogger Network years ago. We were using WordPress and CoSchedule fit so seamlessly into our blog and promotion schedule. When starting this new website, I knew that I wanted simple and easy so we chose to use Squarespace to run our website on.

After looking at many scheduling platforms, we decided to go with CoSchedule for the marketing calendar and collaboration features offered. The checklist templates and the ReQueue were important addition options that we knew would play a key part in our daily workflow and organization. As a team of two, my sister and I have a lot of communication and strategy to navigate, from planning fun and amazing programs, challenges, courses, education series, to online and local events. Even if you are running the show by yourself, CoSchedule allows you to schedule out webinars, blog posts, social campaigns, promotions and so much more! Within them, you can assign tasks and have conversations about the item you are working on. This is truly gold. Not only is this super helpful to someone running a business with a team, add in the fact that both my sister and I homeschool and run teams of our own for our network marketing business and it a necessary item for survival. Conversations, links, and to-dos can quickly get out of hand and lost in communication otherwise.

Want to see the awesomeness?! Check out this video!

Using Squarespace for our blog gave us a unique challenge when trying to figure out how to use CoSchedule. We wanted to schedule out content through CoSchedule before it was published. If the blog post was not published at the time that we scheduled the content in CoSchedule, CoSchedule wasn't able to scrape the proper information from the blog post to post correctly. Whew! That is a mouth full. We went back and forth trying to figure out creative ways to get past this hurdle. What we decided was to simply hit publish on our blog post before we scheduled it inside of CoSchedule, even though we were not going to promote that blog post for possibly weeks. 

We did have to spend some time thinking about the pro and cons of our choice, but the pro of being able to use CoSchedule properly currently outweighs the hits we may take. YouTube, for example, looks at the success of the first few hours after a video has been published to decide how much it will be promoted. Yikes! We may be able to play with this in the future some. Right now, our number one concern is to be able to use CoSchedule as a marketing calendar and scheduling tool.   

Here is how we are currently using CoSchedule.

Reason #1:  Is this sexy beast right here. The dashboard.

The Healthy Life Project CoSchedule Dashboard View

Having blogged before, both Vanessa and I knew some of the non-negotiable needs we had going into this new project. On that list was the ability to see everything we needed to know about on one screen. This and a few other key aspects are what keep us sane!

Reason #2: Amplifying time is always good, but again for us, we feel like it is absolutely key to our success. Pictured below is a type of content you can schedule called Social Campaign. Within the social campaign, you can schedule the same post to go out to your channels in 4 different ways. As plain text, image, video or link.

CoSchedule Social Campaign View for The Healthy Life Project

You then have the option to schedule it to re-post at various intervals automatically suggested, or as you please with a custom option. This is like spending a day at the spa for us. We can schedule this out for months and then not worry about it again. If it is a holiday post, we can go ahead and tweak it as we like and schedule it out for the next year! Can I get an Amen?! 


Reason #3: Unscheduled drafts! Whoop! Whoop! Batching like tasks together is one of our favorite time savers. By batch creating and curating our content for an entire month, we save HOURS every month. We just drag and drop our social campaigns and blog posts where they need to be on or off the schedule. It's like MAGIC!

If you are ready to take the stress out of planning and scheduling content, are ready to feel confident by seeing all your website to-dos in one place, and stop hopping from one tool to the next just to get a task done, then hop on the CoSchedule train!

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