What is Healthy?

I want to talk to you today about what does healthy mean. For us at The Healthy Life Project,

healthy is kind of a sliding scale.

Healthy might mean something completely different to me than it means to you and that is okay. You might get like a visceral reaction when hearing the word healthy because you remember a certain stereotype or a food that you might have tried.  It is considered healthy, but you didn't think it tasted good. Maybe, you don't want to go to sleep at the right time in order to get enough sleep because you feel like you should stay up and watch TV or mess around on the computer. I get it! Sometimes that is our only time to unwind and do something that we choose. Sometimes you don't want to go out and get your body moving and go for a walk or workout. You would rather just kind of hang out and sit on the couch.

What is Healthy The Healthy Life Project

Healthy means so many different things to so many different people, so we have to look at where you are on the health path and what healthy can mean to you. Healthy could mean walking for 20 minutes a day. It could mean getting more sleep. It could mean that you will increase your water intake. It may even mean eating better.

But what does "eating better" mean?  Are you going to start eating from the produce section of the grocery store? It may mean that you will start to cook at home more often and not go out to eat at restaurants as many times as you do right now.

Healthy may even relate to your relationships and have nothing to do with food or nutrition. It could mean getting out of an abusive or toxic relationship with some of your friends. It's fascinating to realize that "healthy" relates to every aspect of your life.

At The Healthy Life Project, we want to work on all of those different areas one step at a time so it doesn't overwhelm you. Because we've been there. We've been overwhelmed.

We are information junkies. We love taking in information, we love learning about things. But guess what? That can lead to overwhelm. It can lead to burnout. It can lead to trying too many different changes at once and ending up defeated, and not doing anything. 

So, there you go!


means taking a step

in the right direction.

So what now? How do you take action?

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What does healthy mean?