Why I'm Part of The Healthy Life Project

I bet you are wondering what my deal is...

Why am I doing this, anyway?

Girl #1 - "Yeah, why is she doing this?"

Girl #2 - "I don't know, do you know what her story is?"

Well... let me tell you

I have an autoimmune disease called

Hashimoto's Thyroiditis.

At one point, my autoimmune disease ruled my life.

I was suffering joint pain due to systemic inflammation. I couldn't get through the day without taking naps. I had brain fog. I had to say no to so many different things. I wasn't truly living my life, and I wasn't being the mom and the wife, friend, sister, or daughter that I wanted to be. 

I was letting people down. I couldn't do the things that my children wanted to do like just go on a bike ride, or a hike. And it was really killing me because it's not who I was or am.

I just thought that that was my new normal.

                    In March of 2016, I had one of the biggest flare-ups of my disease that I had ever had, to date. It was so bad that the doctors had no idea what was going on and were trying anything to try to help. It ended with my doctor actually asking me to find another doctor because he was simply terrified of the condition I was in and the fact that everything he was trying wasn't helping. 

Then my sister shared Juice Plus with me. The crazy thing was that she wasn't even taking it at this point! But she knew it was a good product, and I need to try something different.  So I started Juice Plus, and within a week, I really did honestly feel different! Here's the thing, everyone's going to be different, but I stopped having to take my naps. Then I noticed my pain was gone. Then that my brain fog was so much better!

There were so many side effects that I keep noticing were simply gone! I got to celebrate being able to clean. Yup, I was able to clean my house again. I was able to go on bike rides. I started with half a mile, there and back, so a mile. A MILE! It was a big day of celebrations. And it just got better from there. So now, I truly have my life back, and I have a dream that I didn't even know existed.

I have a new dream, and that dream is to see my disease in remission.

I didn't even know that was going to be possible for me, and I am so close.

It's just an amazing gift that I've gotten my life and my health back, and the fact that I can be the mom that I need to be, that I can take my kids to the pool, that I can do this task, that I can do that event, that I can be active! It is the best thing that I've honestly ever thought of, and I didn't realize how much I was missing until I started getting those things back.

So that's it. That's why I'm doing this. To help people get their life back. To help them prevent this from happening to their loved ones. 

So what now? How do you take action?

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