You Don't Need Anyone's Permission to Succeed!

You don't need anyone's permission

to be successful.

That is totally the truth.

 Let's talk about this for a second. From the time that we can remember, even as far back as preschool, we have been getting permission to be successful. I can remember back when I was in preschool and I needed to get permission to move up to the next level of reading books. I so wanted to get to that next level of reading books, but I needed permission from my teacher before she would let me go into the magical next level basket to pick out those reading books. 

We had grades. You needed permission to get into the AP classes. You needed to get permission to get into the special tracks. There was an architecture track in my high school that I probably would have done a lot better in math at if I had known it was there. But guess what: I didn't get permission to even try it out because numbers and I don't along too much.

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Your GPA. What does your GPA give you permission to do? To apply to different colleges. 

Experience. In the corporate world (almost any job really), you need experience in order to get permission to go into those positions. Your yearly review gives you permission to get a raise or a promotion.

When you're dealing with your health, it seems like everyone is trying to give you permission in different ways. You need to eat this way. You need to eat that way. You need to sleep this way. You need to do *this*. You need to drink *this*. You need to do *that*. You need to work out like *this*. Oh my goodness!

Parenting! Friendships! Marriage!

When we moved here I was told "you can't find a house for "that amount". Guess what? I didn't need anyone's permission to do something almost unheard of. I was able to do it.

Nobody needs to give you the permission to succeed. It has been ingrained in us for so long to get permission, that sometimes we don't even realize that we're waiting for it.

We're looking for it in different ways. In an article that tells us that we are parenting the "right way". That  article that tells me *this* is the best way to school my children. Nobody needs to give you permission. Well, okay, there are some laws but you know where I'm going with this.

People don't need to understand how you're going to do what you would like to do. They don't need to understand how you're going to get from A to B. They don't need to see how it's going to work. Sometimes YOU don't even need to see how it's going to work. You just need to have a tiny little bit of belief in yourself to take that step forward, and keep taking those steps, and not letting all of the "permission getting" get in your way.

You've got your goal. You've got your dream. You've got your path. Step down that path one step at a time, and know that there are other ways than the standard option. Understand and acknowledge that there is the standard way, but don't let it sway you. Don't let it take you off the path. Remember that nobody (as long as you're not doing anything illegal or hurting anyone) needs to approve what you want to do. Only you. You do not need anyone's permission to succeed.

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