Stop surviving.

Start dreaming.

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We discovered a NEW way to work from from wherever we choose. Whether that means on the couch in pjs, in an RV or with our toes in the sand. (But seriously- who wants sand in their laptop?!) We quickly found out that this was way more than "just a discount on our product". We realized that we were in this for the long haul. That this was something we could trust. We found that we didn’t need to know a whole bunch of people, have expert social media skills, or hold parties (although we do throw them sometimes because we like people!) to be successful. 

We could earn a real income while helping families improve their health, AND have it all work around our family, homeschool, triathlon training schedule and autoimmune flare-up days.

We have realized how truly blessed we are to have this business! We have a stable income WITHOUT sacrificing time with our kids. We are building a beautiful community of women who lift each other up, provide support and encouragement, and are thrilled to have stepped into a business that allows them to put what matters FIRST.

Choose who you want to work with!

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Vanessa Law

Ironman Triathlete, Marathon Runner, Mom, Homeschooler

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Nikol Muprhy

Hashimoto's Thyroiditis Warrior, Mom, Homeschooler, Creator of The Autoimmune Guide to Life


You CAN have it all:
A business you love AND time with your family.
We’d love to show you HOW.